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Easy Subscription

Swap Products from Customer Portal


Easy Subscription understands that preferences may evolve over time, and customers may wish to customize their subscription to better suit their needs. That’s why Easy Subscription offers a seamless process for customers to swap their products within their subscription. Whether customers are looking to try something new or adjust their subscription to their changing preferences, Easy Subscription makes it simple to swap products.

Steps to Swap Your Products

Step 1: Access Your Account: Customers should log in to their Shopify account and navigate to the account page.
Step 2: Locate Subscription Management: Once logged in, customers should find the section dedicated to managing their subscriptions. Look for options related to product management or customization.
Step 3: Select the Product Swap Option: Within the subscription management section, customers should locate the option to swap products. This may be labeled as “Swap Products” or something similar.
Step 4: Choose Products to Swap: Customers will be presented with a list of available products eligible for swapping. They should browse through the options and select the product they wish to swap out from their current subscription.
Step 5: Select New Products: After choosing the product to swap out, customers can select the new product they wish to receive in its place. Customers may have the option to choose from a selection of eligible products or specify their preferences.
Step 6: Confirm Your Selection: Once customers have made their selections, they should review them carefully to ensure they meet their preferences. Customers should confirm their product swap selections to finalize the changes to their subscription.
Step 7: Confirmation Email: After successfully swapping their products, customers may receive a confirmation email detailing the changes made to their subscription. This email serves as confirmation of their product swap request.