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Dunning Management


Dunning management is a critical aspect of subscription management, particularly when handling failed payments or delinquent accounts. It involves a series of automated actions aimed at notifying customers about failed payments, encouraging them to resolve the issue promptly, and ultimately recovering the funds owed. Easy Subscription’s Dunning Management feature streamlines this process, helping merchants effectively manage payment failures and maintain positive customer relationships.

How Dunning Management Works?

When a payment fails for a customer’s subscription, Easy Subscription’s Dunning Management feature is triggered. This initiates a series of automated actions to address the payment failure and facilitate payment recovery. The system automatically retries the failed payment based on the configuration set by the merchant.

Key Parameters in Dunning Management Configuration

  • Retry Attempts: This parameter determines the number of retry attempts that should occur automatically after a payment failure. The default value is set to 2 times.
  • Days Before Retrying: This parameter specifies the interval between each retry attempt. The default value is set to 1 day from the last retry, allowing for timely follow-up attempts.
  • Subscription Action Upon Maximum Failures: Merchants can choose the action to be taken once the maximum number of retry attempts is reached. Options include pausing the subscription, canceling the subscription, or skipping the failed order. The default setting is to pause the subscription, providing merchants with flexibility in managing delinquent accounts.

Why Dunning Management Matters?:

  • Maximizing payment recovery and revenue retention.
  • Minimizing customer churn by promptly addressing payment failures and maintaining communication with customers.
  • Streamlining the process of handling delinquent accounts, reducing manual intervention and administrative burden for merchants.

By configuring Dunning Management within Easy Subscription, merchants can automate and optimize the process of handling failed payments, ensuring timely payment recovery and preserving positive customer relationships.