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Easy Subscription

Fallback Products


The Fallback Product feature in Easy Subscription serves as a safety net for ensuring customer satisfaction even when they haven’t actively chosen a replacement product. Merchants can designate a fallback product to be automatically sent if a customer hasn’t selected any new product to swap with their existing one.

How it Works?

Merchants can select a fallback product within the Easy Subscription dashboard. If a customer hasn’t chosen any new product for swapping, the system will automatically send the fallback product to ensure the continuity of their subscription experience.

What Happens if you don’t configure it?

Failure to configure the Fallback Products feature means that if a customer doesn’t select a new product for swapping, they will receive the same product they previously purchased once again. This may lead to customer dissatisfaction or confusion if they were expecting a change.


To set up the Fallback Products feature, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the subscription plan within Easy Subscription.
Step 2: Within the plan settings, locate the option for configuring fallback products.
Step 3: Designate the fallback product that you want to be automatically sent if no new product is selected by the customer for swapping.
Step 4: Save your changes to ensure they take effect.