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Easy Subscription

Manage Subscriptions


Empowering customers to manage their subscriptions fosters a sense of ownership and flexibility, ultimately enhancing their subscription experience. Easy Subscription provides customers with the tools to efficiently manage their subscriptions, ensuring convenience and satisfaction.
Customers can manage their subscriptions through the Easy Subscription customer portal, accessible from their Shopify account page. It’s essential for customers to create an account within the Shopify Account page, using the same email address associated with their subscription, to access the customer portal.

Steps to Manage Subscriptions

Step 1: Create an Account: Customers need to create an account within the Shopify Account page. They can do this before or after purchasing their subscription. It’s crucial to use the same email address associated with their subscription for continuity.
Note: Customers need to create an account voluntarily; the system does not automatically create one for them. Logging in without an account will result in an error.
Step 2: Access the Account Page: Once the account is created, customers can navigate to the account page.
Step 3: Click “Manage Subscription”: On the account page, customers will see the “Manage Subscription” button. They should click on it to access their customer portal.
Step 4: Manage Subscription Actions: From the customer portal, customers can perform various actions to manage their subscription. They can:

  • Cancel or pause their subscription.
  • Skip an upcoming order.
  • Swap products within their subscription.
  • Update subscription details or preferences.
  • View past orders and subscription history.