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Placing Test Orders


Testing the customer journey is pivotal to guarantee that your subscription setup functions seamlessly and delivers an excellent experience for your customers. By thoroughly testing the ordering process, merchants can identify and resolve any potential issues or glitches before launching live subscriptions, thus ensuring customer satisfaction and minimizing disruptions.

Why Testing Matters?

Testing enables merchants to simulate the customer experience, ensuring that every aspect of the subscription process, from product selection to checkout and post-purchase, operates as intended. It’s a critical step to detect errors or inconsistencies, thus avoiding customer dissatisfaction and confusion.
Here are the steps that you can take for testing your subscription orders.

Step 1: Choose Your Testing Mode: Before initiating testing, select your preferred testing mode. You have three options to choose from:

  • Enable Shopify Payments Test Mode. This is the only test payment gateway that you can setup. Gateways like Bogus Gateway, Stripe test mode, etc., will not work for subscription purchases.
  • Utilize a 100% discount code created within Shopify for your test account. If you do not know how to create a discount code eligible for subscriptions, you can refer to this handy document.
  • Place a full-price order and refund yourself after successful placement.

Step 2: Verify Widget Integration: Confirm that the subscription widget is correctly integrated into the designated product pages. Ensure it appears seamlessly and functions properly.
Step 3: Add Product to Cart and Proceed to Checkout: Select the desired product and add it to your cart. Proceed to checkout as a typical customer would.
Step 4: Confirm Subscription Recognition: During checkout, verify that the order is correctly recognized as a subscription. Look for the indication “Recurring Subtotal” in the checkout subtotal section. It means that at least one of the products added is a subscription product.
Step 5: Provide Payment Details: If you chose method 1 from Step 1, use the provided card details for the purchase. For methods 2 and 3, use your real card details for testing.

  • Credit Card Number: 4242424242424242
  • Name on Card: BG BG
  • Expiration Date: Any date in the future; eg: 01/27
  • CVV: Any 3 digit number; eg: 123

Step 6: Complete the Order: Finalize the order and navigate through the thank you page. Ensure that the entire process proceeds smoothly without any errors.
Step 7: Review Subscription Contract: After completing the order, review the subscription contract in your app dashboard. Ensure that all details are accurately captured and processed.