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Easy Subscription

Customer Login Functionality


Enabling customer login functionality is essential for providing a personalized and seamless experience to your subscribers. Easy Subscription leverages the native customer account login functionality provided by Shopify, ensuring a straightforward login process for customers.

Using Customer Login with Easy Subscription

Easy Subscription seamlessly integrates with Shopify’s native customer account login functionality. Customers can create an account before or after purchasing their subscription. It’s crucial for customers to use the same email address associated with their subscription when creating their account after purchasing the product to ensure continuity.

Shopify’s Customer Account Models

As of now, Shopify supports third-party app content only in the classic customer accounts, not in the new customer accounts model. Therefore, it’s essential for merchants to enable classic customer accounts if they wish to utilize third-party app content, including Easy Subscription, in their customer accounts. If you would like to read more about this, you can visit Shopify’s help documentation here.

Important Note

The entire functionality of customer login, account creation, and password reset is entirely handled by Shopify, ensuring security and reliability for merchants and customers alike.

Enabling Classic Customer Accounts

If a store has not enabled classic customer accounts, merchants can do so by following these steps:

Step 1: From the Shopify admin, navigate to Settings > Customer accounts.
Step 2: In the Accounts in online store and checkout section, click Edit.
Step 3: Select “Show login link in the header of online store and at checkout” to display a login link.
Step 4: In the Choose which version of customer accounts to use section, select “Classic customer accounts”.
Step 5: Click Save to apply the changes.

Password Reset Functionality

Customers can reset their passwords directly from the login page, with passwords required to be between 5 to 40 characters. Special characters are allowed. Additionally, merchants can send customers a password reset email from the Shopify admin by following these steps:

Step 1: From the Shopify admin, go to Customers.
Step 2: Click the name of the customer to whom you want to send a password reset email.
Step 3: Click More actions, then click Reset password.