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Easy Subscription

Different Subscription Plan Types


Easy Subscription offers two types of subscription plans to accommodate the diverse needs of merchants and customers: Pay as you go and Prepaid plans. Below, we’ll delve into each plan type and provide three examples for better understanding:

Pay as You Go Plans

With Pay as you go plans, customers are billed for each subscription cycle as they go, providing flexibility and convenience. Here are a few examples of Pay as you go plans:

Monthly Magazine Subscription:

  • Customers subscribe to receive a monthly magazine issue.
  • They are billed at the beginning of each month for the upcoming issue.
  • Subscribers can cancel or pause their subscription at any time.

Weekly Meal Delivery Service:

  • Customers sign up for a weekly meal delivery subscription.
  • They are charged on a weekly basis for the upcoming week’s meals.
  • Subscribers have the flexibility to skip a week or modify their meal selections as needed.

Bi-weekly Pet Supplies Subscription:

  • Pet owners opt for a bi-weekly subscription to receive pet supplies.
  • They are billed every two weeks for the delivery of pet essentials.
  • Subscribers can adjust the delivery frequency or contents of their subscription based on their pet’s needs.

Within the Pay as you go plan, you only need to configure the billing rule for the frequency as the billing frequency and the delivery frequency for the pay as you go plan are the same. For example, if a customer is purchasing a monthly subscription, the configuration would look like this:

Prepaid Plans

Prepaid plans require customers to pay for a set period of time upfront, offering cost savings and convenience. Here are a few examples of Prepaid plans:

Annual Software Subscription:

  • Customers opt for an annual subscription to access software services.
  • They pay for the entire year’s subscription upfront.
  • Subscribers enjoy a discounted rate compared to monthly billing and have access to the software for the entire year.

Quarterly Beauty Box Subscription:

  • Beauty enthusiasts subscribe to receive a curated beauty box every month.
  • They pay for three months’ worth of boxes upfront.
  • Subscribers receive a discounted price per box compared to monthly subscribers and enjoy the convenience of receiving beauty products regularly.

Six-Month Fitness Class Membership:

  • Fitness enthusiasts purchase a six-month membership for access to fitness classes.
  • They pay for the entire membership duration in advance.
  • Subscribers benefit from a discounted rate per class compared to drop-in rates and have guaranteed access to classes throughout the membership period.

Within the Prepaid plan, you need to configure both the billing rule and the delivery rule because the customer is supposed to be paying for X number of deliveries upfront. For example, if they are paying 6 months upfront for monthly delivery, their configuration would look like this: