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Easy Subscription

Managing Subscription Contracts


Efficiently managing subscription contracts is essential for ensuring smooth operations and delivering a seamless experience to your customers. With Easy Subscription’s intuitive dashboard, merchants can effortlessly oversee and modify subscription contracts as needed. Here’s how:

Step 1: Access the App Dashboard: Open the Easy Subscription dashboard and navigate to the Subscription Contract tab.
Step 2: Filter Subscriptions: Utilize the filtering options to streamline your view. Filter subscriptions based on their frequency type and subscription status for easier navigation.
Step 3: Search for Subscriptions: Search for specific subscription contracts by Subscription ID, Customer Email, or Customer Name to quickly locate the desired contract.
Step 4: View Detailed Subscription Information: Upon finding the desired customer, click on the “Eye” icon to open the detailed view of the subscription contract.
Step 5: Manage Subscription: In the detailed view, you have various options to manage the subscription:

  • Pause or cancel the subscription.
  • Skip orders as needed.
  • Swap products to accommodate customer preferences.
  • View past orders and other relevant details.
  • Many more management options that are coming soon!