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Subscription Management

Swapping a Customer’s Product

Overview Allowing customers to swap their products provides them with the flexibility to customize their subscription to better suit their needs and preferences. With Easy Subscription’s intuitive dashboard, swapping products is a breeze. Here’s how: This article assumes that you have already completed the setup for “Products for Swapping” within the subscription group. If you …

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Overview Tagging in Shopify is a versatile tool used to categorize and organize various elements within your store. By assigning tags to products, customers, orders, and more, merchants can streamline operations, improve visibility, and enhance organization. Tags serve multiple purposes and can be utilized in various ways to meet specific business needs. In Easy Subscription, …

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Dunning Management

Overview Dunning management is a critical aspect of subscription management, particularly when handling failed payments or delinquent accounts. It involves a series of automated actions aimed at notifying customers about failed payments, encouraging them to resolve the issue promptly, and ultimately recovering the funds owed. Easy Subscription’s Dunning Management feature streamlines this process, helping merchants …

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Cancel/Pause/Skip a Customer’s Subscription

Overview Offering customers the ability to cancel, pause, or skip their subscription provides flexibility and control, enhancing their overall experience. With Easy Subscription’s intuitive dashboard, managing subscriptions is effortless. Here’s how to take these actions: Step 1: Access the App Dashboard: Open the Easy Subscription dashboard and navigate to the Subscription Contract tab. Step 2: …

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Managing Customers

Overview Effective customer management is essential for building and maintaining strong relationships with your subscribers. Easy Subscription provides tools to streamline customer management, allowing merchants to provide personalized service and support. Here’s how to manage customers efficiently: Step 1: Access the App Dashboard: Open the Easy Subscription dashboard and navigate to the Customers tab. Step …

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Managing Subscription Contracts

Overview Efficiently managing subscription contracts is essential for ensuring smooth operations and delivering a seamless experience to your customers. With Easy Subscription’s intuitive dashboard, merchants can effortlessly oversee and modify subscription contracts as needed. Here’s how: Step 1: Access the App Dashboard: Open the Easy Subscription dashboard and navigate to the Subscription Contract tab. Step …

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Overview Analytics play a pivotal role in understanding and optimizing your subscription business. By analyzing data and metrics, merchants can gain valuable insights into customer behavior, subscription performance, and revenue trends. These insights enable informed decision-making, allowing merchants to enhance their subscription offerings and maximize profitability. Importance of Analytics Analytics provide merchants with essential information …

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